I am honored to be invited at the meeting of the world’s religions again this year! This is one of the greatest holidays in the year, for I can see how the eyes of the people light up at that summit! How, touched by the art and the love of the brothers and sisters from the other religions, the different participants become more alive and broaden up!
This has always inspired me and gave me meaning!
And because I realize that the number of people in this hall is limited, I have decided to share my excitement here too, so it can reach more minds…
So here is an example of how I look at the different teachings in the world.
If we look from a different perspective, all the mankind is a part of this creation – maybe as big as a single drop of God’s blood.
And how big is one nation if we look from the same perspective?
And a single man?
But in each cell is contained the information about the whole!
What would happen in one organism if the nucleus tells the membrane: You are unworthy! Here I am in the center of things and I manage them ! You are just a doorman ! You are behaving so differently (rejecting the others for example) and you are talking such nonsense…what will happen to a cell within which the membrane is trying to behave like a nucleus…. imagine?! I don’t even want to know!
A cell within which there is war, and not respect among the different parts, falls apart, doesn’t it! Where there is no trust in the creatures we don’t know … whose activities are unknown to us…
Let’s look at the modern society! Do you see the connection with the boom of the autoimmune disorders lately … or with the cancer (isn’t this a real war among the different parts inside the body?)
There’s no way to skip our role in the puzzle of life, but we can’t underestimate the unknown role of our neighbor either… nowadays everyone thinks he is closer to God than anyone else…that God is talking to him only…that only in his yard miracles are being made! We can’t go far as a species with these beliefs. And we all see the results of these beliefs!
And we are so beautiful!
There is so much potential in our perfect bodies!
There is so much joy, springing from our hearts! And so much love is hidden inside our immortal souls!
How the actions of one single human being are able to change millennia …
How do we all know about Mother Teresa? What is she representing? Humanity!!! Do you think she was healing Christians only? Do you think she was asking the people to show her if they are baptized in order to give them water or clothes… or look at the lives of a modest doctor or a teacher and how they help! Do you think they care about your name?
And even if we look at the power of a single mother! How strongly she’s influencing everyone’s future by what she’s creating inside her child! Through her behaviour, through her faith… she’s forming the future of the whole world! If 5 mothers have the courage to raise their children with the power and the good will of Mother Teresa, then I’m confident in the future, because when a little stone is thrown in the water it is making bigger and bigger circle waves, the same way our presence is influencing invisibly enormous number of people.
If we make things with Love, pure silent Love … the world will start healing immediately!
In the beginning there might not be a visible result, but as the great Maharma Ghandi says:

First they ignore you,
Then they mock at you,
Then they fight with you,
And in the end you win!

No, I am not saying it is easy through all those stages, on the contrary – I have been suffering inside many times …at this very moment I am in such an uneven fight for the education of my children…and God is my witness how desperate I feel sometimes!
Desperate of the limitations of human minds! The change is so obtainable, it is just a step away! And there’s so much resistance against the broadening of the personal responsibility and the softness in teaching!
If the teacher doesn’t believe in his disciple’s potential, what is he doing at school? What else can he do besides hurting and crushing the faith of the child inside himself and hence – in the whole world!
And if we are treating our own children in this way… what tolerance can we expect from people with a different creed and from people we don’t know … Of course if I don’t believe in my own strength, I will live in Fear, which I will project everywhere around myself, and it will manifest in different forms!
Friends, what can be done for those born in slavery of the mind, so that they can allow happiness to their own children?
What is the right attitude towards the soldier, frightened to death, with Kalashnikov in his hands…who doesn’t hear your words. He was instructed just to shoot …in such moments I remember that the stone can crush the Rose, without even realizing what fine and perfect thing it has broken, for it doesn’t have the senses for rose’s charm!
But God doesn’t stop sending His Messiahs!
In different bodies, incarnations, states and he is saying to us One and the same thing:
We are together!
We are all brothers!
It is difficult! The archetypes of Kain and Abel do exists in mankind!
But Mother Teresa does live in each of us, too!
GOD is beating in the heart of each of us
HE is the breath we take every instant
HE IS the instant
He is the body
He is the girl’s glimpse at the field !
He is the care of the father for the home
He is the thrill of the hug
He is the faith in the teacher
He is the world!
What do we manage to see in our world?
What do we project?
How do we call God in our everyday life?
How do we treat God in the other clothes?
How meagre it is to lock God behind a fence and tell him – you live here?
Behind such a door there is something else, not God!
Imagine, how far did we reach to …! To close God in a cage like He’s our property..!
Oh Lord, forgive us sinners!
And because to attack the human mind is a painful work (I am telling you this from my experience), I was thinking how a heart can reach another heart through the narrow cracks of the “foreign beliefs”.
I am pondering over what’s that which most universally crosses the cultural dogmas?
What’s the thing with which we can wholesomely communicate with our neighbours … and with the other religions? And very simply and naturally I came to ART! This has been what through many years has been the solder between the religions, the cultural and the political differences.
The ARTS – that without much thinking are directly talking from one soul to another through the heart!
The music is so close to the Divine…
The paintings created in an act of delight …
The tales told in the softest way in order to convey concentrated information to the future generations…!
The dance…
Sing, dance and celebrate together and not One virus will disintegrate your perfect bodies!
I love you!
A dance with eyes directed to God!
The God within us! The God in the world around us! The God in our neighbour!
If I think that I can control you in your connection with God, I am already a problem, I am a step away from thinking that this world will fall apart without my interference…
Guess who will suffer from such a belief …. well, me…I will keep trying to control the life …while the other just enjoy it or ruin it (in their unique way 🙂 )
And here we reach to the Buddhist advise:
“Do not do good, that is unasked!”
I am sure you have tried …
The younger the child is, the more it believes that the world is obliged to turn around it…
The smarter it is, the faster it understands it’s delusion!
And what should we say about grown men and women, who keep on putting their foot down every time somebody contradicts their theories …sometimes they are putting their foot down so aggresively that they are starting wars, perasecutions and even the holocaust… a shame for the humanity… but a fact! God allowed them to live, so there is something to learn from them…
If you can not be a good example, you can be an awful warning…
There is a lot to say on that topic, but with my modest abilities at the moment, I know this … If you feel loved, you will not want anyone to suffer…
On the contrary, you will share your happiness with full hands, without limits and without expectations…
Love is the name of my Faith!
And the bigger I grow, the more I can see the LOVE
From the grass that feeds all is us, and it is so silent and fine, from the eagle flying high above, away from people’s arguments!
Be what you want to see in your children!
Thank you!
I love you, because I love myself, realizing that HE is inside me!